A new direction for me

New Direction

After 4 years spent helping a fledgling SEO agency near Brighton grow from a small team of 5 people to over 30 staff, I have decided to take a new direction with my career by returning to work as a freelance consultant but focusing on the areas where my strengths are at. I have always enjoyed both reading and writing, and I have always loved the part of my job where I have seen the advice that I have given to a client make a big difference to their business.

So, this got me around to thinking that I could take my experience of writing very detailed, technical SEO audits for Artemis Marketing (the agency I worked for), and build a new product base of reports that cover all of the digital marketing spectrum: SEO; PPC, UX, CRO and all the other legions of acronyms us digital folk use to describe the stuff we do.

I have always had some form of website here on jameshubbardmarketing.co.uk (admittedly just a holding page recently) but in some previous iterations I have presented myself as an SEO “all-rounder” who can deliver every aspect of a client’s campaign. Looking back, it’s no wonder I struggled to get my first attempt at freelancing to work. I was doing absolutely everything! Keyword research, technical analysis of websites, strategic planning and forecasting, initial on-page optimisation, writing content for client’s websites, writing articles for outreach, outreaching the articles, building other forms of links or helping the client create link bait style content. That’s a lot of work for one person! Then there’s the business of sorting your own accounts, administration and picking up the phone to find new clients. That was never going to work…

With this new venture, I am focusing entirely and selfishly on the aspects of my previous job that I like the most – thinking about the right digital strategy for a client, analysing their websites in detail, writing up the report then presenting my advice. This also gives me an interesting USP in the fact that I do not (or at least, hopefully should not) present a threat to any client who has an existing SEO provider, agency or in-house team. My intention is to provide a service that compliments your existing digital marketing activities and helps to refine them. It’s always good to get a fresh perspective on your efforts, and even the most experienced team can sometimes miss the quick wins they have been blinded from seeing through over exposure.

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